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Recreate Project offers you 4 free online courses with the possibility of getting a certificate.

Cómo diseñar un plan de negocio en cultura _

How to create a cultural business plan

Get to know how to create a business plan in the Cultural and Creative Industry.

20 hours

Marketing digital para empresas culturales

Digital marketing for cultural organisations

Discover digital tools and don´t miss the train to get your cultural organisation digital

20 hours

Financial literacy training for CCSs

Financial literacy training for CCSs

Learn the basics of financial to extend the life of your cultural company (and much more).

20 hours

Funding for Cultural&Creative Industries

Discover funding for getting help for your cultural enterprise

20 hours

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The Recreate project focuses on what is important and improves training resources for cultural management, using a friendly and easy-to-use interface.

Financial Education in Creative Industry

Capacities to access innovation funding programs (from the EU) and to develop digital revenue models.

Management skills

How to direct the transformation processes of your cultural business.

Arts&Cultural Innovation

New types of mobility and artistic development;

Digital skills

Development and use of new formats (digital, hybrid)

Sustainable cultural industry

Ecological transformation of cultural actions of all kinds


RECREATE aims to establish a formalized transnational cooperation between European organizations involved in the adult education and culture sector. The association will contribute to the development and implementation of innovative practices, as well as the implementation of joint initiatives that promote cooperation, peer learning and the exchange of experiences at European level in the field of training through a new participatory approach to education. culture that fosters new opportunities to fight the effects of the COVID crisis. .

re create


Among the expected results, RECREATE aims to develop a digital educational program for financial education, business planning, financing options and online marketing for the cultural sector and provide free access to all people who need this knowledge to be more resilient, promote its digital development. skills and capabilities. We also intend to provide digital tools and knowledge for one of the sectors that suffered the most from the COVID19 crisis through an open source digital platform.

recreate croatia


– Open source platform for free online learning for the creative sector in Croatia and Spain.
– Greater number of people from the creative sector trained in entrepreneurial skills, especially in the field of financial education, sources of financing and online marketing (min. 100 students per country)
-Capacity building of both organizations in the field of online learning.
– Capacity development of both institutions in international cooperation projects.

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The Recreate project, co-financed by the EU’s Erasmus+ programme, has been launched by the alliance formed by POU Varazdin (Croatia) and the Building Bridges Association (Spain).